Excuse me, ma’am – or, We Begin.

August 18, 2006 at 6:25 pm (Bloom Status: Upward)

Where am I? What blog is this? What’s happening?

Hi. I’m Tina. I’m the author of this blog.

So. Here’s the premise, laid out for you:

I believe that this is a universe of self-fulfilling prophecies. I think that if you believe something, then that’s the universe you live in*. In fact, I happen to think that this here joint is completely magical. And anybody can be a magician of this place if they put their mind to it. And I believe that every effort you put out to blossom into that magician comes back to you in the form of some kind of goodness. It may be what you expect, it may not, but it’s coming back to you.

*One thing that’s not happening on this blog is any kind of debate about that. Not that it’s not worth debating. It totally is. This world is bananas, so you could make a case otherwise. Go for it, if you like. Just…elsewhere. The universe of self-fulfilling prophecies is sort of the a priori thing of this blog that you have to accept in order to come along with me.

Anyway, what goes up, must come down, so if you make an effort to bloom, some cool things are going to happen to you, is the idea. Hence the title of the blog:


You see what I’m saying.

So, here I am, with this particular heart/brain/body/set of talents/set of quirks/set of aspirations, all of which suggest a path I can go down to leave the world a brighter and groovier place than I found it. And I’m moving along this path: creeping, tiptoe-ing, squinting at the map, looking frantically for the map, occasionally making a mad dash, frequently stopping to stare at my feet, but moving largely foward-ish.  And I’ve got this THING in the way. This…this lady is in the way.

I am the lady in the way.

I’m like two people. I’m the person who sincerely lives for progress and makes it happen sometimes, and I’m the inert stasis-loving mofo who just as often holds myself back out of fear.

So, with this blog, I’m going to chart for you everything I’m doing and NOT DOING to make my life bloom. I’m going to see if I can get the lady in the way – me, when I’m in my natural state of magazine-reading, M&M-munching inertia – to shove over and make way for The Totally Fancy Magician.

How am I going to do this?


Because I hate plans. I hate structure. I’m just going to fly by the seat of my pants, make some sudden moves, see if I can sneak past my internal censors. I may not barrel directly down my path at first. I might dash from behind this rock to behind a rock a few feet ahead. I might hide behind a rock for a month or five, reading magazines. But I’m going to move forward, I tell you. If it takes me a million years.

I’m going to try some things out and tell you how they’re working. Or not, and tell you how that’s working. If I come across some good ideas, and they work, then I may provide a little bit of inspiration for you. If I try some bad ideas – and LET ME TELL YOU, I’VE PUT SOME BAD IDEAS INTO ACTION – I will be your cautionary tale.

So, here goes.
Today: I started this blog. That’s totally a thing. It counts.
Ergo, bloom status: Upward.


  1. Eve said,

    YEAH!!!!! Stupendous! Excellent!!!! Standing ovation!!!! (In my Great Dream, I can also do that fingers in the mouth whistle thing, but in reality, I am just a competent clapper. )
    I am totally excited for your excitement!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    If you had a hundred blogs, I would read every one. You have a gift.

    (that signifies the end of my post… y’know, like- clap on, clap off.. the Clapper!)

    (maybe I should get some sleep…)

  2. tinarowley said,

    Eve: How did you get to be so dear and peachy?? Nature? Nurture? It’s astounding. I high-five your parents, and bow to your delightful inner being. Thank you!

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